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100 Clubs vs The FA: 100 Non League clubs sign a letter to oppose the null & void season

Lawyers have been writing to the FA in the support of 151 clubs to go against the decision to end the season with a null & void decision. As reported earlier on our page where we focused on FA’s decision to end the season with a null & void due to corona virus.

100 clubs have all formed allegiance to overturn this decision from the FA and co-signed a different letter, 4 MPs have also raised their problems and disagreement.

But what are these letters? What was said?

The letter provides the examples of the reasons why clubs have an issue with the null & void decision and from the season ending early. Many people might look at it in a way that the clubs who were pushing promotion are feeling hard done by so they want to perhaps ‘sway’ the FA into changing their minds. But it spirals further than that and it is not all about results, here are some of the issues listed.

Loss of perishable items that have been perished and will not be used (e.g. beer in kegs), loss of potential uplift on commercial deals, loss of matchday sponsorship and loss of secondary spend for the last home game where the attendance is usually the best)

Many fans affected by the clubs who faced cancellation of their leagues will hope that the letters have done enough to change the minds of the FA and the people involved in order to prevent all the set backs listed above and help every club move on forward as if everything is normal.

Aaron Adikwu

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