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CONFIRMED: FA Officially cancel the season for Non League clubs under North and South National Leagues

Leagues below the National League North and National League South have officially come to an end for the season as decided by the FA. You may be wondering what this means for the clubs and how the league standings are affected. However, it has also been announced by the FA that results for the Step 5 and 6 leagues are being removed which means that there will be no relegation or promotion between the leagues.

Similar actions are being used to deal with women’s football below the Women’s Super League and Women’s championship, meaning there will be no promotion and relegation. The country’s beloved grassroots football has also been called to close for the rest of the season.

The FA are still working to help the National League South and National League North come to a decision regarding the outcome of the 19/20 season. We are hoping that the season continues so we can provide for our readers, however safety always comes first and we have to ensure we can all be safe for next season to push stronger.

Competitions such as the FA Cup, FA Vase and FA trophy are being discussed by the FA as they still have hope to at least have these competitions completed by June 30th.

With the decision that has been made to end the season, some teams will be happy and some teams will be sad of course. This decision heavily benefits teams who were on the verge of relegation because they get to go another season, however it’s also a tough one to take for the teams that were on the verge of promotion because it stops the progress for the clubs aiming to go to the top.

The Radcliffe FC (of the Northern Premier League) chairman Paul Hilton said when speaking to Sky Sports “Realistically ending the season now se we can properly for next season is the best thing to do.”

Do you think the right decision was made to end the season and ensure nobody gets relegated or promoted?

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Aaron Adikwu

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