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Coronavirus leads to cancellation in non-League by the FA.. or does it?

A tweet went out by SkySportsNews on March 24th as breaking news that the FA have cancelled the Non League steps 5 and 6 due to the rapid spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. Football has been on hold for a few weeks now after more and more matches had been played behind closed doors to prevent supporters segregating.

The same night, Sky Sports tweeted that the FA are still deciding the fate of the Non League season after deleting the tweet that it was confirmed that the season would be cancelled

The FA have stated that they will stay in regular dialogue to discuss the circumstances with the stakeholders of the clubs to see what steps can be taken regarding the season for men’s and women’s National League depending on the affect of the virus.

The Essex Senior League have indicated that if the season is cancelled, the decision of promotion and relegation has not been made yet. This decision does not sit with the league, it sits with the FA and once the decision is made it will be consistent across all Non League teams – if there is a null and void decision, no teams get promoted or relegated.

Aaron Adikwu

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