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Should Barrow AFC be promoted?

Could Barrow AFC still become the 92nd team in the football league due to the hole left from Bury FC.

The Barrow AFC badge

High flying Barrow AFC have been at the top of the National League for the majority of the season, and have been tipped favourites for promotion for months. With Bury FC tragically going into administration earlier this season due to ill-managed finance, it would seem logical for the beaming town of Barrow to fill the void. But the question on any avid football fans mind would be, is that fair on the group of teams who are hot on the pursuit of the league leaders.

Barrow have been away from the heights of league football for 48 years. This season has seen fan numbers rise, the loyal fans have started to believe and the community spirit of Barrow-in-Furness has never been stronger. Not only are the Cumbria based team top of the league, they have the most wins, the top goal scorer in the league and the best home record. It is clear they are the strongest team in the division by a fair distance.

Josh Granite, the well-respected captain of the bluebirds stated in an interview with local journalist Tom Murphy that he believes that the top two from the National League still deserve promotion. This would of course result in` Granite and the rest of his Barrow team mates getting promoted alongside fellow highflyers Harrogate Town. Granite then later went on to say that he feels that any truthful individual playing for a team who are deemed for relegation, ‘would know you got yourselves into that predicament.’ Granite is clearly suggesting that Stevenage Town deserve relegation after the woeful season they have had in League Two.

Barrow AFC fans celebrating their teams success throughout the season.

While national league staff are taking their time to decide on the circumstances, it seems incredibly cruel and somewhat illogical to any football loving person that Barrow AFC and their devoted fans are denied their long awaited 48-year return to the football league.

Author- Ben Lee

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