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How the Corona Virus situation has affected Hanwell Town Manager Wayne Carter and how he’s coping.

On the 26th March 2020 the Football Association (FA) announced that all football from steps 3-6 in the non-league system would be brought to an abrupt halt, all results expunged and the leagues would be voided because of the Corona Virus. This affected every club in those leagues but in particular Hanwell Town who play in the BetVictor Isthmian South Central Division as they came so close to a well-deserved promotion being top basically all season with only ten games to go.

I managed to catch up with Hanwell manager Wayne Carter and find out how he’s been coping during these unprecedented times and what implications have developed from this situation. Here’s what he had to say:

•How has the Corona Virus affected your plans?

“The virus has ruined any chance of us getting promoted. So, any plan we had is dead in the water.”

•How are you keeping in contact with players?

“Phone calls and our WhatsApp group.”

•Do you have a fitness plan for them during these times?

“There is no fitness plan as the season is over.”

•What is the most difficult thing about the cancellation and do you think it was the right decision?

“The most difficult thing is we had a great opportunity to win the league and of course I’m going to say it’s the wrong decision.

Wayne alongside joint manager Chris Moore.

•How are you keeping yourself busy?

“Family life and things to do around the house keep me busy. “

•Has the decision personally affected you and has it hindered your progression in any sort of way?

“Winning a league or promotion is very hard to do in football personally I’m absolutely gutted by the decision but with what’s going on in the world at the moment there’s more to worry about than football. As for my progression being a so early in my managerial career winning the title or promotion obviously would have done wonders for my C.V.”

•How are you keeping up morale?

“Keeping the morale is very difficult at the moment as the decision is very raw but the boys all seem in good spirits. tough to take for everyone involved.”

•When do you believe football will resume?

“Don’t have a clue but hopefully the new season  will start as normal but I doubt it.”

•Lastly, are you already thinking about next season, if so what are your thoughts?

“Thoughts for next season is just as difficult because nobody in the country or football knows exactly what going to happen with this dreadful virus. But we will dust our selfs down work hard and go again.”

Wayne also made some nice comments on the players and thanked everyone for the season.

I’d like to say a big thankyou to Wayne for taking part and I hope everyone at Hanwell gets through this time and stays safe so they can address the unfinished business and get promoted next season.

-Dan Davies

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