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Player Ratings: Haringey Borough 1-1 Bowers & Pitsea – Monville was everywhere.

A picture of Jamie Dicks drilling the ball goalward against Haringey Borough.

On a cold and windy day at Coles Park, it was a far from vintage performance from either teams. Bowers led in the 47th minute through a header from Danny Norton and they were sure that was enough to grab all three points away from home but a magnificent solo goal in the 89th minute by super-sub Anthony McDonald proved to be decisive as Haringey secure an undeserved point at home.

Haringey Borough:

Jonathan Miles (6.5): Made one superb save against Quenton Monville where he pushed it around the post and looked confident when called upon. He couldn’t do anything about the goal and distributed well.

Salvyn Kisitu (4): Clumsy when in possession and gave the ball away a few times. Also got caught out of position on occasions and looked fatigued from start to finish. Game to forget.

Jack Barthram (5): Fairly average performance and didn’t get forward much like a fullback should these days. Was extremely lucky on one occasion as he comedically missed the ball and fell over which allowed Monville to drive directly into the box striking goalward but he hit the post which saved Barthram’s blushes.

Rakim Richards (4): Nothing spectacular at all and lost his man allowing Danny Norton to score an easy header.

Jorge Djassi-Sambu (5): Like his centre back partner there wasn’t really much to say about him but he won a few aerials and didn’t make as many mistakes as his partner but got caught out a few times.

Scott Durojaiye (4.5): Not a great performance as he failed to get a hold on the game and only started really playing from 75 minutes onwards. Up till then he often looked like he lacked ideas but afterwards improved a lot and looked way more inspired.

Michael Ademiluyi (5.5): Had an average game and certainly wasn’t the worst player. He worked hard and was good at tracking back and helping the defence. However, he should improve his decision-making as he was quite wasteful and didn’t connect the defence to attack when sometimes he could’ve.

Georgios Aresti (6.5): One of the better players on the pitch, he was dangerous going forward and put some threatening crosses into the box. He was decent defensively, despite a few errors and worked hard from start to finish.

Daniel Akindayini (5): Had scraps to feed off and was completely isolated up top and didn’t have much to play with. Made a few good lay-offs and won the majority of aerial duels but left no impact and struggled to find any rhythm.

Romoluwa Akinola (4): Could’ve done more to link the midfield to the attack and found it hard to get into a flow. He didn’t get on the ball as much as he should’ve and had difficulty breaking down the opposition.

Roman Michael-Percil (5): Got up and down the wing and was more direct than others but not much of his work paid off. Tried things and helped out with his defensive responsibilities but overall was ineffective.


Anthos Solomou (6): Came on to shake things up and breathe some energy into the attack which is what he did as Haringey started to become more dominant after his arrival. Also had a shot which almost went in near the end.

Anthony McDonald (7.5): As soon as he came on, he was positive going forward and put some threatening crosses into the box. He brought life into the attack and scored an incredible solo goal beating two players and slotting home.

Christopher Regis (6): Added that final piece to the jigsaw when coming on as Haringey were on top for the last ten minutes and Regis had a lot of joy with the ball and worked tirelessly for the time he was on.

A picture of Lewis Manor taking kick-off for Bowers & Pitsea.

Bowers & Pitsea:

Callum Chafer (4): Had very little to do and was fine with distribution but when called upon in the most important moment he conceded. The goal could’ve been saved as it was from such a tight angle and Chafer should’ve really done a lot better.

Adejayo Osifuwa (6): Decent when out of possession with a few crucial challenges and one last-ditch goal saving tackle. Also looked confident on the ball and allowed Monville full security to thrive down his side.

Thomas Stephen (5): Got beaten quite easily a few times down his side but worked hard throughout and tried to get down his side as much as possible to help out the attack.  

James Thomas (5): Decent when out of possession with a few crucial challenges and he did well in possession but a pretty average game, nothing spectacular but wasn’t the reason they drew. Was quite calm at the back but could’ve passed more than lump up the pitch.

Toib Adeyemi (4.5): Defended well up till the goal where he dived in twice and got beat allowing McDonald to get the shot off which they conceded off.

Callum Leahy (5): Bit of a passenger and didn’t do anything to really get noticed. Worked tirelessly but couldn’t get a hold on the game and influence the flow.

Quenton Monville (8) MOTM: Easily the best player on the pitch. Was absolutely everywhere and was a real nuisance for Haringey with his darting runs and direct play managing to get in behind on countless occasions forcing saves. He hit the post and got an assist and no one could deal with him.

Danny Norton (7): Controlled the game well in midfield and passed the ball with purpose. He even managed to bag himself a goal with great 1-2 with Monville.

Lewis Manor (6): Big man up top who went to war and won the war. He dragged the opposition into the game he wanted to play and they decided to take part. Real pain for the defenders and he put his weight about really well linking up and providing space for the wingers.

Bradley Warner (5.5): Less busy than the other attackers but still put the work in, nevertheless. Did well with what he got but couldn’t really impact the flow of the game.

Jamie Dicks (5.5): The same as Warner and he managed to get a few shots off but nothing to really trouble the keeper. He still occupied defenders and worked hard to provide support to the attack.


Joshua Rusoke, Sam Collins, Kenzer Lee (N/A): All came on with a minute to go so there’s not enough time to give them a rating out of 10.

A picture of Junior Appiah making a last ditch tackle against Roman Michael-Percil.

Highlights of game can be found here.

-Dan Davies

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